About Us

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A highly professional salon Located in the central part of Edinburgh; With an extensive knowledge of African & Afro Caribbean, combination hair type “mixed race” and Caucasian hair in every aspect of hair styling, ranging from chemical treatments to different hair extensions technics fro the trendy male or female who desire to make a fashion statement with a trendy hair do.

We have been practicing hair salon for 7yrs, and have changed locations various times; searching for the right spot or location.


The salon boast of a large working space with highly skilled staff. Culture lounge is widely noted for its expertise hair extensions styling techniques. Which is one of our strongest product selling points. 
Proprietor/manager of culture lounge is an experienced senior, artistic stylist whose expertise goes back 16yrs of being in the hair industry. 
With these experiences, our joint force of able staff operate on a high level of skills and professionalism delivering the highest quality amazing service to all our clients who comes from all neighborhoods and outskirt of Edinburgh. 
Another of our strong selling points are our newly introduced lucrative prices package deals for travelling groups, Braiding deals and Bridal packages.